Visit this site to keep informed about the Downtown Hammonton Code Update Project.


The Town of Hammonton and MainStreet Hammonton are collaborating with NJ Dept of Community Affairs and Dept. of Transportation to update the downtown zoning code. The State agencies are providing funding and guidance for support via a consultant team being led by Brown & Keener Urban Design of Philadelphia. In order to provide some background on the initiative and process, we have provided answers to some “frequently asked questions"

1. Who's working with Hammonton on the code update?

Brown & Keener Urban Design of Philadelphia.

Main Street USA has been the focus of Brown & Keener’s practice since 1995. The firm’s abilities to inform policy and shape investment have been key to successes in other New Jersey main street towns.The firm's work with the Haddonfield New Jersey Downtown Code and other form-centric plans for Hoboken, Asbury Park, and Red Bank, New Jersey work has consistently led to successful preservation and development strategies that reconcile the goals of private entities and the concerns of public agencies. We are presently working with two southern New Jersey county planning commissions and several northern New Jersey municipalities to re-calibrate local codes to local traditions and changing market demand.

2. What is this for?
While the business and civic environment in Downtown Hammonton remains strong, to sustain that requires a clear strategy for capturing future economic opportunity. Community-wide benefits and fulfillment of resident expectations for the kind of place Hammonton aspires to be must also be considered, including the character of buildings and public spaces and streets. This project affords the means for establishing a direction for success. The planning initiative, funded with state resources, is a pilot for the application of alternative planning and regulatory methods.

3. What areas of town will be included in this code update?
The project will focus on the downtown area of Hammonton, but will also consider that business concentration relative to the surrounding neighborhoods and out Bellevue to Route 30, so an area generally defined as:

     the city blocks surrounding Bellevue Avenue/12th Street (White 
     Horse Pike to Chew Road), Egg Harbor Road (13th Street to 11th 
     Street/Walmer Street) and Central Avenue (Bellevue to Walmer).

To fully effectively frame economic development and physical planning strategies for downtown, the future activity and form of development on Route 30 will also be addressed.

4. How are we going to carry out these strategies?
The results of the project will be adopted as an ordinance by the Town Council according to established procedures for the Council deliberations, including creative opportunities for public comment and engagement.